Sunday, March 25, 2007

Rest and Resolve in Raleigh,NC...

hello friends and family..
i write this note on a beautiful God created day here in raleigh....things have been non stop here but i wanted to rest and share a few things to keep you updated....first of all i became an uncle to a beautiful boy name Cole Slater Capps at the beginning of the month and have enjoyed spending time with him, second myself and many friends have found ourselves at many churches/events around the NC area and even spent a week in Kentucky traveling playing music which was a great joy given by God....lastly i was able to spend this last week here growing in Godliness with my fiance' ...God has given us amazing friends and family in order that we may see God's grace in their lives and learn how we can like them cultivate humility and pursue Jesus the Christ as our greatest joy together....its been grace that has opened our hearts to see ways in which we can learn how to love God more by seeking one another's happiness in CHRIST alone...well i hope that this blog finds you all celebrating grace in your own lives as we have been learning that there is much grace that goes overlooked in our journeys...well i love you all and hope to hear from many of you soon...

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