Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lately its been tough.

hello there..lately. i have been to St Louis, Austin, Pt Lavaca, Houston, Waco and Dallas these places have been within the last two weeks. also i almost broke my ankle but it ended up being a really bad sprain with probably alot of torn things. the photo wont do it justice but at least its a glance. so i finally was able to ride one of those fun scooters at Walmart and not feel bad about doing it this time. check out these photos and a few other random ones.

Friday, September 12, 2008

SHINE TOUR-what we saw and what we want you to see!

hello there...i just flew back in to Dallas this AM...we left North Carolina at 5am and got back to Texas at is very good to be home...

after a few thousand miles and many different faces the SHINE TOUR part one is complete. what a joy it was to drive and see all of you from Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio and the other gas stations/hotels in between....we saw the Lord do many great things as students shared, prayed and worshiped through singing.. it was a joy for us to be apart of what God is doing in these different cities... please enjoy some photos here and also contact us if you are interested in having the SHINE TOUR in the spring in a city near can contact us at we love you all and thank you for being apart of this with us.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

the [SHINE TOUR]...a gift of grace...

its now 1140pm. my wife and i just finished packing for a short tour in NC, VA, MD, OH. we are playing 9 days straight but 11 times in those 9 days. as i prepare mentally, physically, musically and spiritually for these trips i am always blown away by how good God has been to me. from kicking soccer balls 4 hours a day in high school to now writing and sharing songs all over the country i am just in awe of why God has chosen to use us to share songs, stories and His Word to people all over. i say all of this to say thank you. thank you for listening to songs. thank you for coming out to worship with us wherever we show up. thank you for loving God and desperately wanting more of Him...these things encourage my heart to go on when i am facing many hours of long drives through the night to get to the next church to be with you all....we look forward to sharing some humbling moments with many of you on this  [SHINE TOUR] !! May Gods face SHINE brighter than any song and any person on this tour!

see you soon.