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A Stars Game Gone Good. Thank You God For Your Grace!

hello there.
i know many times all i do is post pictures on here and say a few words but today i will pause and reflect on a time.
...yesterday a few friends and myself got some great tickets last minute to the Dallas Stars hockey game so we decided to make our way to the great American Airlines Center. we started off meeting at a friends house in Richardson,Texas where we then decided to save a little money and take the DART Train into downtown to the game. so there we are sitting on the DART cruising our way to downtown. we finally arrived there at the game a little tardy but just in time to enjoy the 2nd and 3rd period of a 6-3 loss that the Stars incurred. needless to say we still enjoyed a great time of hockey together. as things we wrapping up i headed down to the ice where i was determined i would get a game used PUCK for some random reason and surprisingly enough i did receive one from the Dallas Stars "stick boy". anyways thats just a side note. so from there we started off our brisk little walk back to the DART train to head back home. back on the train we were until we all decided we were a little hungry and should jump off real quick at the next stop at the WEST END to grab a bite to eat before we headed home since none of us had eaten dinner yet. so we got off at the WEST END stop and proceeded to find a rare/awesome place to eat. at this time it was 10:01pm so all the "more rare/not chain restaurants " places to eat were closed. so we saw the bright lights of a TGI FRIDAYS in the distance to which we said that would have to suffice. before walking in a homeless man came up to us shivering cold and said he was very hungry and wanted something to eat really bad. so we took him inside. we all had a great meal together and were able to enjoy seeing God move in a way that we rarely do as rich americans who live so caught up in our own bubble. thank you God for making us sensitive to what you truly want to do! we love you guys and hope you are doing well.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Plane/The Game/The Church!

hello there. well here is few quick looks at what i did these last two days. first of all i flew to North Carolina to play at Faith Baptist Church. secondly i played black jack on the iphone for hours and lastly we sang together at the beautiful Faith Baptist Church. overall a great weekend in the midst of a lot of emotions.


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Monday, November 10, 2008


hello there. so we just enjoyed a great weekend of worship with fbc coppell and firewheel church. at coppell we enjoyed a great sunday AM time of worship with the great folks their and then sunday PM we did the grand opening of a new student ministry facility there at firewheel. overall just two amazing times of corporate worship with new friends. i hope all of you are doing well and we hope to see many of you soon. in the meantime if you havent received the new SHINE EP yet go ahead and get it for FREE OR PAY WHAT YOU WANT at

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Huffman, Texas / Houston, Texas.

what a great weekend we had at FBC Huffman. The students/leaders and folks their were amazing. It was some of the best nights of worship I have had personally in a while. The Lord felt so near to us as we gathered around His Word. when we finished up the weekend their i split off from the band to go lead a 530pm service for my friend robbie at his church Ecclesia. what a great weekend. enjoy a few random photos and please stay in touch. i am thankful for what the Lord is doing in this mess of a time that we all find ourselves in.  

why do i think gas is cheap when i see this price????


Wednesday, October 15, 2008


 i hope you enjoy these...we were in NC doing a song of solomon conf and then we went and played at the state fair of texas which was amazingly fun...check out for the latest on everything...

Friday, October 03, 2008

Park Cities Baptist Church & Arkansas Baptist High School..[a look at what we saw there]

hello there...take a look at what we saw on our last few days in dallas, tx and little rock, ar. hope all of you are doing well.. please stay in touch.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lately its been tough.

hello there..lately. i have been to St Louis, Austin, Pt Lavaca, Houston, Waco and Dallas these places have been within the last two weeks. also i almost broke my ankle but it ended up being a really bad sprain with probably alot of torn things. the photo wont do it justice but at least its a glance. so i finally was able to ride one of those fun scooters at Walmart and not feel bad about doing it this time. check out these photos and a few other random ones.