Monday, November 17, 2008

The Plane/The Game/The Church!

hello there. well here is few quick looks at what i did these last two days. first of all i flew to North Carolina to play at Faith Baptist Church. secondly i played black jack on the iphone for hours and lastly we sang together at the beautiful Faith Baptist Church. overall a great weekend in the midst of a lot of emotions.


1- we are giving away the latest SHINE EP (GIVING AWAY=FREE) at (so go get if you don't have it and if you do email/facebook/IM/whatever you do and tell everyone you know and let them know they can have it at WWW.NOISETRADE.COM/JEFFCAPPS)
2- pray for us as we write/record these new songs to release them on the full record coming out this summer!
3- be our friend on facebook. check it out.

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