Sunday, February 08, 2009

tired but glad.

it has been a 4 week straight traveling month for me and i am thankful for what God has done. we have been to a few different states and traveling a few thousand miles but it was worth it. i am always encouraged when i get to worship with different church bodies all over the country... to see how they respond and feel the weight of Gods Word through song is a beautiful thing to be apart of...i pray that God does a greater work in those churches as our time with them always seems so short.

God I pray that You would magnify Yourself through Your church. I ask that You would continue to deepen the faith of the many we were able to worship with through singing and studying your Word and most of all my prayer is that we would together glorify You and enjoy You forever.


ps. i apologize that i have not put up new videos from the last few weeks of travel but they are in the works as we is my apology video below.....

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