Friday, March 06, 2009

a reading/writing week.

hello friends.
its been a good week. i have spent much of my time reading/writing and spending time with my beautiful wife. thats a good week for me. i have been reading in Genesis and as always making my way through a Piper book, sometimes it takes longer than others. the more i read about the God i love and desire to serve well the more i see i am far from who He calls me to be. this can be very discouraging at times but its all how you view your own inadequacies and God's sufficiency. i am the type of person who many times does a lot of daily tasks in my own power and i don't give everything to Him. i come to Him with bigger decisions and muster up enough strength to do the other. that is pride/sin on my part and to which i say as my brother in the faith says "be killing sin or it will be killing you". i have to strive with all the strength that God gives to be killing sin and pursuing Him in order that in every word i utter and breath i breathe i give Him the glory and do not try to rob Him of that for my own gain. its humbling to say the least because more often than not i find myself seeking the praise of man rather than being the invisible man. so i pray.

God help me... help me love you... help me paint a picture to others that i am overwhelmed by your goodness and grace towards me shown on the cross!


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